The Artificial Intelligence Education Guide

Learn about degree programs in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and more!

Why Study Artificial Intelligence?

“For U.S. students deciding whether to pursue a career in artificial intelligence, there is a clear market demand in a broad range of locations and applications.”

– Center for Security and Emerging Technology

“Artificial intelligence (AI) could be the most transformative technology in the history of mankind”

– Dr. Kai-Fu Lee, Author of AI 2041

Artificial Intelligence Degree Guides

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Online Master’s in Artificial Intelligence Programs

Earn an artificial intelligence degree online! Find AI programs offered at a distance.

Most Affordable Online Master’s in AI Programs

Discover the 15 most affordable universities with online Master’s in AI programs.

Best Online Machine Learning Degree Programs

Learn about 9 great schools with online machine learning programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Type of Degree is Best for Learning Artificial Intelligence?

Computer science, machine learning, or robotics? Learn about degree options for students interested in studying AI.

IAre Master’s in Artificial Intelligence Programs Worth It?

Will earning a graduate degree in AI advance your career? This guide will help you decide if an AI program is right for you.